Our History


Based in the small village of Kirkton of Maryculter, we are a country church who provide a place of worship for all who want to attend from across our three parishes, now joined to form one.

The parish of Maryculter was created originally in 1287 when permission was granted for the Templar Church of St Mary to be used as the parish church.

The parish of Banchory Devenick was created in 1163 and was for many years the only church between St Machars Cathedral in Old Aberdeen and Fetteresso in Stonehaven.

The church at Cookney was formed in 1744 as a ‘sod kirk’ for the northern part of the parish of Fetteresso (Stonehaven) and became a parish in the 1880’s.

Maryculter was linked with Banchory Devenick in 1972. the Cookney and Maryculter parishes were united in 1982 and Banchory Devenick parish was united with Maryculter-Cookney parish in 2000. and the Cookney church building was closed for worship and sold off the same year. Then in March 2013, the Banchory-Devenick church building was also closed for worship and sold off. Now our church in the Kirkton of Maryculter is where our congregation from all over the three original parishes meets and joins in praise of the Lord together.