The Youth Club


The Youth Club has always been popular with the young people of the community and never ceases to draw in more members due to the fun and free atmosphere always felt from 7pm to 9pm on a Thursday night. We take members from mainly our parish area but do often see others coming from as far as Cults simply to experience the great times frequently had at the Youth Club. Age wise we take young people from Primary 7 until Secondary 3 allowing Primary 6s to join at Easter before they go in to Primary 7.  However if you are older than Secondary 3 and still wish to come along then why not come along and help out, this can also be used as volunteering for Duke of Edinburgh and we are happy to sign any Duke of Edinburgh books after you have served your time helping out. 



The Activities


On a regular Thursday night  we provide a safe environment for the children to have fun and enjoy.

Football, Table Tennis ,Talking to Friends, Pool, Snooker, Hide and Seek, Tig & Tag and Making new Friends.

However on occasion we have more unusual activities such as movie nights, festive parties and summer BBQs.



The Tuck shop


Every week the Tuck Shop operates throughout Youth Club, and always attracts a crowd. Selling Sweets, Chocolate and general e-numbers the shop is reasonably priced at the very lowest we can. Due to this low price we recommend to parents that children only take £1 so as to avoid extra trips to the Dentist.